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Research Literacies and Writing Pedagogies for Masters and Doctoral Writers


Debates about researcher education emphasise the dramatic changes facing higher education in the twenty-first century. Post/graduate students must learn often-hidden research literacies with very limited support. Research Literacies and Writing Pedagogies for Masters and Doctoral Writersexplores the challenges students face when engaging in research writing. The chapters offer insights into effective pedagogies, ranging from direct, scaffolded instruction to peer learning, in face-to-face and online interventions. Themes extend from genre approaches, threshold concepts and publishing pedagogies through to the emotional aspects of post/graduate writing, writing groups, peer learning and relational collaborations, employing both online and digital technologies. Throughout, authors have revealed how research literacies and writing pedagogies, in situated contexts around the globe, demonstrate practices that are constantly changing in the face of personal, institutional and broader influences. With contributions from: Nick Almond, Cecile Badenhorst, Agnes Bosanquet, Marcia Z. Buell, Jayde Cahir, Mary Davies Turner, Robert B. Desjardins, Gretchen L. Dietz, Jennifer Dyer, Shawana Fazal, Marília Mendes Ferreira, Amanda French, Clare Furneaux, Cally Guerin, Pejman Habibie, Devon R. Kehler, Muhammad Ilyas Khan, Kyung Min Kim, Sally S. Knowles, Stephen Kuntz, Tara Lockhart, Michelle A. Maher, Muhammad Iqbal Majoka, Cecilia Moloney, Zinia Pritchard, Janna Rosales, Brett H. Say, Natalia V. Smirnova, Natalie Stillman-Webb, Joan Turner, John Turner, Gina Wisker, and K. Hyoejin Yoon.
Publication Date:
20 October 2015

    Biographical Note


    Cecile Badenhorst (Ph.D., 1992, Memorial University, Canada) is an Associate Professor in Adult Education/Post-secondary studies. Her research interests are academic literacies, post/graduate research literacies and qualitative research metholodogy. She has published three books and many articles in these areas. Cally Guerin (Ph.D., 1996, University of Adelaide, Australia) is a Lecturer in researcher education at the University of Adelaide, Australia. She teaches and publishes on pedagogies of doctoral education, with a particular focus on research writing, researcher identities, academic integrity and supervision practices.
    This book will appeal to all interested in post/graduate student pedagogy, post/graduate writing and research literacies: post/graduate students, supervisors, faculty/academic staff, academic language and learning specialists, writing teachers, and university administrators.

    In euro-american academia, the arts, media, politics, and literature we are enthralled, obsessed with two things: ‘innovation’ and individuality. The triumph of individual will to manifest something new new new trumps everything else. Granting agencies often focus on a single Principle Investigator to the exclusion of whole teams of human and more-than-human beings who make certain projects or ideas possible. News reporters want to find the new voice, the emerging voice, the singular representative of a community to demonstrate the raw will of a single body, mind, and spirit. They want us to believe that these achievements are not the product of the blood, sweat, and labour of myriad co-convenors, co-thinkers, collaborators, and co-dreamers who lift each other up in often dreary, cold, and impossible (impassible) academic systems and structures. They want us to believe that there is no village of academic aunties (as per Erica Violet Lee’s brilliant…

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