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With the different variety of services offering similar policies and terms, looks like a new and fresh idea for paper writing. They provide fantastic already written papers according to your assignment. Although this seems like a pretty smart idea, it’s hard to tell when precisely these documents were written. In any case, you might use old resources which have already changed.

Also, it does not offer testimonials because they are just not relevant. Of course, as a client, you can still complain about a paper 123helpme did not write correctly. They store essays that you can use to inspire your writing.

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The resources students get at 123 help me include all kinds of essays from term papers, speeches and research papers. You’ll find them arranged in general topics, but you can still use its search tool while looking for a narrower subject or specific keyword. Their papers are also color-coded to assist you in getting a general idea or their quality level from the onset.

For instance, the orange ones are the ‘good’ papers and grey colored papers represent the free essays. However, in their FAQ section, they mention that the orange color is for resources not yet reviewed. You’ll also find other colors such as:

  • Yellow – for the ‘better’ essays
  • Purple – describing the ‘strong’ papers
  • Aqua – for all term papers
  • Green – represents research papers

It’s also important to mention that buying a paper only gives you access. So, its original writer still owns all property rights. This means that you’re allowed to use the essays for research purposes only and not for you to submit it as a complete project.

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From the 123helpme reviews we’ve come across, there seems to be an overhaul of the company’s pricing policies. Sometime back, you got charged according to the color coding, but now, they seem to operate on a subscription basis. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for at least a whole month instead of buying a single essay. Of course, this change has left many students asking themselves one question, “is 123helpme legit?”

Besides, we even searched the website and realized that free essay papers are no longer available. As a search term, we used the American Civil War and got an astonishing number of 300 articles. However, none of them was free!

What’s more, the subscription is quite expensive. Although there are different plans to pick from, if you’re running on a student’s budget, this is still a bit too costly. Just take a look at the costs:

  • Monthly plan – 29.95 dollars each month
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Even though you get all the essay papers you request for; it’s not an ideal method if you need assistance with your essay. Furthermore, you’ll need to be cautious when you subscribe to any plan. Here, your fees are automatically renewed when your original term ends, unless you cancel your subscription within seven days!

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Unfortunately, there are no123helpme free essay number bonuses. So, don’t ‘walk into’ the site expecting any other cash rewards. However, they’ll give you an excellent price reduction if you choose to subscribe to a longer plan. Also, using their scale of colors, they make sure that you have a smooth process in picking the most reliable essays.

The Quality of Services at 123 Help Me

Their quality of material is something that’s debatable. This 123help me review has looked at a variety of their papers, and while some were impressive, others were poorly written or poorly structured. As a student, this is quite discouraging because most of these weak quality papers had high ranking colors.

Despite such awful reviews, the company still makes sure that that they provide high quality papers. By providing you with an introduction to the document before making a purchase, they ensure that you get a feel for the content first. Through this, you’ll see if it’s relevant or not. Sadly, we’ve come across other reviews, and they show that some of these papers are not worth paying for because they are only longer than the free preview by just 100 words!

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The customer support at is slow and rather awkward. They are mostly connected using e-mail and not the more popular live chat system. So, they’ll only get back to you after you send them an email. Don’t you think that it is an ineffective way of communication? Well, they feel that because they didn’t write the papers, you have no right to complain.

Conclusion: Should You Choose

The question that you should be asking yourself is, is 123help me safe? While the issue is still debatable, there are some few positives to take home. A good example is the variety of academic papers they have at their disposal. You’ll only need to use keyword research to get the topics that you need.

Even so, 123helpme reviews keep showing unsatisfactory comments from different clients. Other than the poor quality of papers, they feel that the site does little when it comes to customer support. It provides no address or phone number which poses further safety concerns. All in all, it’s still a good source of inspiration and offers proper guidelines if you’re having problems with your assignment!

Essay on Cheating and Plagiarism

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From the information I gathered for this paper, plagiarism is a bigger problem than we all think.  As far as I can tell plagiarism has been around since the existence of reading and writing.  Our human race sure hasn't helped this matter by inventing the printing press in the late fifteen-century and the Internet in the late twentieth century.  Plagiarism gets most of its press in the realm of education, particularly in places of higher education.  Aside from the information I attained threw traditional research, I poled a few students here at Lake Superior State University.  I got this idea from some of the articles I read.  I read this one article that was about a professor that said she estimated that 17% of the papers students turned in to her were plagiarized.  Those were the ones that she was actually sure about.  So when I did my pole I asked students if they had plagiarized a paper this semester.  The overwhelming response was...I plagiarize all my papers.  A whopping 100% of   the students I talked to plagiarized this semester and as far as I can tell, every semester.  No, this was not a scientific study, but it sure was shocking.  It is my guess that some of these people are ignorant, but a majority of them are lazy.  In the rest of my paper I will explain plagiarism in its many forms, discuss how the Internet has affected academic integrity, and highlight some of the ways teachers and professors are detecting and combating this problem known as plagiarism.

      What is plagiarism?  Plagiarism's definition cannot be explained in a few words or even one or two sentences.  Plagiarism takes shape in most cases, one of six ways or in a combination of the six.  Here they are:

1.      Using another writer's words without proper citation.  If you use another writer's work, you must place quotation marks around the quoted material and include a footnote or other indication of the source of the quotation.1[1]

2.      Using another writer's ideas without proper citation.  When you use another's ideas, you must indicate with footnotes or other means of where this information can be found.  Your instructors want to know which ideas and judgments are yours and which you arrived at by consulting other sources.

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  Even if you arrived at the same judgment on your own, you need to acknowledge that the writer you consulted also came up with the same idea.1

3.      Citing your source but reproducing the exact words of a printed source without using quotation makes.  This makes it appear that you have paraphrased rather than borrowed the author's exact words.1

4.      Borrowing the phrases of another author's phrases or sentences without crediting the author from whom it came.1


Original:  If the existence of a singing ape was unsettling for linguists, it was also startling news for animal behavior. 

Unacceptable borrowing of words:  An ape who knew sign language unsettled linguists and startled animal behaviorists.

Unacceptable borrowing of sentence structure:  If the presence of a sign-language-using chimp was disturbing for scientists studying language, it was also surprising to scientists studying animal behavior.

Acceptable paraphrase: When they learned of an ape's ability to use sign language, both linguist and animal behaviorist were taken by surprise.

5.      Borrowing all or part of another student's paper or using someone else's outline to

write your own paper.1

6.      Using a paper writing "service" or having a friend write the paper for you. 

Regardless of whether you pay a stranger of have a friend do it, it is a breach of academic honesty to hand in work that is not your own or to use parts of another students paper.1

      With the creation of the Internet, plagiarism has totally changed.  Before the Internet, students engaged in prehistoric methods of academic dishonesty.  There are many pre-Internet forms of plagiarism.  Students could copy from books, magazines, and newspapers.  Other students that were part of school social groups (fraternities and sororities) and athletic teams that kept old papers on file in boxes or file cabinets year after year.  The purpose of these "libraries" was to assist and help new members and teammates in their academic pursuits.  Then along came the Internet.  It's a not just the wealth of information that can be downloaded and copied which made such an impact.  It was the "paper mills" and the people who created these web sights.  Paper mills are web sights were students can go and get pre written term papers for any subject that they can think of.  Some papers are free and some can be purchased.  Most of these papers are ready for submission with bibliographies and references.  I think this is ridiculous.  I found no information that mentioned the possible termination of these sites.  Yes, there are many people that disagree with this unethical behavior, but all they have is a voice to complain about them.  Like many other unethical and immoral material on the web, there are no laws that can stop or remove them from the Internet.  These sites are so popular outside companies are paying them to post advertisements.  Here is a list of some commonly used paper mills:3[3]


?        Otherpeoplespapers

?        Free term papers international


?        The Evil House O f Cheat

?        Student Essay Network

As a teacher you may want rip you hair out trying to combat this problem.  Well you obviously can't shut these companies down yourself, so you have to take matters into your own hands.  A way to do this is by taking control of your assignment and making students do more work in the whole process of writing a paper.  Making stricter requirements and spending more time in class to explain the assignment will help send a message to the students that you are on the ball and will know if they are cheating.  A teacher needs to intimidate the students a little and make them nervous or scared about plagiarism.  These are some tips that I feel could be useful in receiving honest and credible work from a student:


?        Let students know that you know about these web sites.  Then do actually check some of them out.  Students will be less likely to submit a paper that they know you may have seen on the web (or that a classmate might also submit).3

?        Go a step further and take students to one of the sites.  Have students look at a weak paper (there are plenty of those on the Web) and analyze its failures.  They will learn something about writing and also see that what's available for downloading is not all good and may not impress their teacher.3

?        Alternately, teach the class to use papers on the web as sources for their own papers (along with the multitude of other web sources).  Show them how to correctly cite electronic sources.3

?        Regarding advice on avoiding plagiarism: it is best to approach it as an issue of fair use of intellectual property.  A discussion about the ways people use (and acknowledge) one another's idea's is better than an ex cathedra "Don't Plagiarize" rule.  When presented as a rule it gets regulated to the list of other rules (use one inch margins, indent, etc.) and students are genuinely surprised when violation carries a stiffer penalty than other rules!3

?        Be careful to give specific, non-generic instructions for papers.  An assignment to "write on AIDS," for example, might temp students to use one of three AIDS papers at a particular web site.  A specific assignment will make plagiarism much more difficult.3

?        Also try to give writing assignments which will capture your student's attention.  If they can develop some interest in the subject, they'll be less likely to cheat.3

?        Include specific instructions about bibliographies, such as requiring all students to include material from required readings among their sources.3

?        Require other specific components, such as theoretical, professional, or disciplinary vocabulary learned in the course readings; interviews with experts; recent sources.3

?        If appropriate, use the issues raised by the paper mill web sites as a writing assignment on ethics.3

?        Watching your students write.  Ask them to bring notes or drafts to class, have short conferences about the assignment, use peer groups to comment on the drafts, ask for the drafts with the final paper.3

?        Require a letter of transmittal.  On the day papers are due, ask students to write a letter to you reflecting on their process, the features of the paper that they are proud of, the things they had trouble with, and the things that they learned by writing the paper.3

?        If you suspect a paper was downloaded from the Web, use a search engine to search for the source.  Entering key words or stings of words in quotation marks will lead you to any web site with those words.  Since not all search engines index the same sites, it is best to try two or three different ones.  Alta Vista, HotBot, and Lycos Pro work best for finding strings.3

This was one of the most interesting papers I have ever done.  It has really opened my eyes to huge problem of plagiarism.  I truly believe that there needs to be regulation put into place to control the info on the Internet.  As a future teacher myself I plan to do everything I can to promote academic honesty and awareness in my students and their work.    


2[2] Hacker, Diane.  A Writer's Reference. New York, 1989. p.171


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