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Organizational culture, dynamics and professional practices are one of the vital elements of any organization which reflect the sense of identity. It determines the organization’s legends, rituals, meanings, value and norms, beliefs, language and the manner in which activities are performed around the organization (Cooke and Bartram, 2015, p.711). The essay revolves around exploring the dynamics, culture and professional practices of health care organizations. The part 1 of essay includes the discussion of the challenges faced by the health and care services in meeting the changing demands of public, overview of professional issues identified in light of a scenario and a focused analysis of the issues identified. The part two includes the opportunities for professional development for newly qualified nurses, swot analysis, a personal development plan of a critical stance in examining the nature of professional practice in context of contemporary health and social care.

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Essay Sample

Download (pdf, 30 Kb)

Title: Stem Cell Research: What It All Means

Type of Document: Essay

Academic Level: High School

Referencing Style: APA

Number of Pages: 10

Number of Sources: 4

Dissertation Sample

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Title: How Do International Marketing Strategies Help Firms Achieve Competitive

Type of Document: Dissertation

Academic Level: High School

Referencing Style: APA

Number of Pages: 54

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