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Personal Narrative: Speech Self Critique

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Personal Narrative: Speech Self Critique

During my demonstration speech, I was affected by my speech anxiety. Some of the viewable symptoms were the shaking of my hands and also the stuttering of speech. I was able to control myself and relax after I started getting into my information. I did use some of the suggested relaxation techniques to relieve my anxiety. Before I got up to speak I thought confident of myself to help give me courage and confidence.
While watching my video I did notice that I was able to understand and clearly know what the main point was. I spoke in a clear and a tone loud enough for everyone to hear. The speech was organized very well, so one idea or thought flowed to the next. I don’t think I need to change anything in regards to my central idea being clear. I was satisfied with that part of the speech.
I happened to notice that I did use verbal pauses during transitions. When I would go from one topic to the next I would use the word “um.” This was very apparent when I was viewing the video of myself. I would like to be able to complete a speech without having to use any verbal pauses. I typically would use these pauses after I got done completing with a particular topic. I would say that this is one of my major problems with giving a speech. Now that I can see exactly how much I use them, I can change that in the future.

I did use some hand gestures in my speech. For the first few minutes I did not use them, but as I moved through my material and got into the actual demonstration some hand gestures were used. I also noticed in the video that I was not always watching the audience. I use to think that I made good eye contact, but after watching the film I really only glanced at the audience. I believe that I could make significant improvement in this part of my speeches. While I was up in front of the class I thought that I was looking out at the audience more then what I actually did.
I was very satisfied with the volume of my speech.

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I spoke clear and everyone in the class could clearly understand what I was saying. I did trip up on a few words, but overall it was very clear and pronounced.
Going into the speech I wanted to leave a very good conclusion. I was very satisfied with my ending; I think I had everyone thinking about juggling after I was done. I could even bet someone went back home and tried to juggle.
It did seem different to see myself performing a speech. I have never had this opportunity before. This gave me a good view of myself from the audiences’ point of view. Now I am able to see how I actually perform and how I can improve for future speeches. This has given me a new look at how my speeches are performed and what I need to improve them for future speeches.


Critique Of A Speech Or Presentation

We all have listened to speeches at some point in our lives. Especially, as early as we were children and can remember, we listened to many people talk to us. However, not many of us understood the elements of the speech. Well, there are important components of speech and presentations that need to be addressed in to make them effective. A successful presentation or a speech must be engaging with well-research content for the intended audience. Most importantly, it should be given with a lot of charisma and pleasurable grace. If a speech was to be critiqued, it is important to assess the abilities of a speaker both through what is written and how it is done and again based on how it is delivered to the audience.

The move towards the critiquing of a presentation seeks to establish whether a speaker had factual information and anecdotes to make a convincing claim. The style of engaging the audience should be very strong and must at all times win their attention throughout. It is the work of the speech presenter to win the audience and not the audience to struggle to listen to them. When the audience losses interests in the presentation, then it is the presenter who is in most cases the cause of the failure. The end goal is to share the critique with the speaker to guarantee improvement in the next presentation.

One of the important things to look at is whether the speech resonates with the audience that is targeted. A look into the content involves such things as references, choice of words and anecdotes. All these should be put together for the audience who will be listening to the speaker to get something out of it. The information should be right in terms of being informative or being able to produce a certain desired effect as intended for the audience. Therefore, it is always important to ensure that the speech is always on point and free from any errors.

Speech critique is very important to enhance effective passing on of information. However, this should not be based on personal opinions but rather on the manner in which the speaker would be viewed by the audience at large. Personal bias should not be included. The reactions from the audience can be useful in making a good critique. It is easy to tell whether the audience understands the presentation or not. If the attention is diverted, chances are that the audience is not in sync. This is more especially when the audience does not seem to get the jokes of the speaker or look bored.


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