Ling 201 Dissertation Abstract

Teaching & Advising

  • Linguistic Field Methods [LING 415/610]:
  • Syntax 3 (1st semester graduate syntax) [ LING 671 | Fall 2015 ]
  • Syntax Seminar: Case and Agreement [ LING 675/775 | syllabus, Winter 2015 ]
  • Introduction to Linguistics [ LING 201 | Winter 2015, Fall 2013 ]
  • Structure of a Specific Language: The Mayan Family [ LING 410 | syllabus, Winter 2014, Fall 2016 ].
  • Topics in the Grammar of a Less Familiar Language: Kaqchikel, co-taught with Michael Kenstowicz [24.942 | course website, Spring 2011 at MIT ]


PhD dissertations

  • [2018] – Henrison Hsieh, PhD dissertation committee member
  • [2018] – Jiajia Su, PhD dissertation committee member
  • 2015 – Michael David Hamilton, PhD dissertation chair: The syntax of Mi’gmaq: A configurational account
  • 2014 – Alexandra Simonenko, PhD dissertation committee member: Grammatical ingredients of definiteness
  • 2014 – Yusuke Imanishi (MIT), PhD dissertation committee member: Default ergative

PhD evaluation papers

  • 2017 – Jurij Bozic, PhD evaluation paper co-supervisor (with Lisa Travis)
  • 2013 – Michael David Hamilton, PhD evaluation paper co-supervisor (with Alan Bale)

MA theses

  • 2017 – Dejan Milacic, MA thesis paper co-supervisor (with Bernhard Schwarz): On the limits of number features: The case for a non-featural dual (LingBuzz)
  • 2016 – Colin Brown, MA thesis supervisor (with Lisa Travis): Extraction restrictions in Gitksan
  • 2015 – Yuliya Manyakina, MA thesis co-supervisor (with Lisa Travis): Two types of “incoporation” in Mi’gmaq
  • 2013 – Gretchen McCulloch, MA thesis supervisor: Verb stem composition in Mi’gmaq
  • 2012 – Jenny Loughran, MA thesis supervisor: Tense and evidentiality in Mi’gmaq

BA theses

  • 2017 – Lydia Felice, BA Honours thesis supervisor. The Free State and Construct State in Kabyle.
  • 2017 – Sarah Mihuc, BA Honours thesis so-supervisor (with Michael Wagner). Focus, extraction, and anti-agreement in Kabyle.
  • 2016 – Cora Lesure, BA Honours thesis co-supervisor (with Lauren Clemens): Prosodic Boundary Marking in Ch’ol: Acoustic Indicators and Their Applications [PDF]
  • 2015 – Louisa Bielig, BA Honours thesis supervisor: Classifiers and constraints in Chuj topic constructions[PDF]
  • 2013 – Liwen Hou, BA Honours thesis co-supervisor (with Robert Henderson): Agent Focus in Chuj reflexive constructions [PDF]
  • 2012 – Elise McClay, BA Honours thesis supervisor: Possession in Mi’gmaq [PDF]

(60 credits)

Required courses ( 24 credits)

LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 330 Phonetics
LING 331 Phonology 1
LING 360 Introduction to Semantics
LING 371 Syntax 1
LING 480 Honours Thesis
PHIL 210 Intro to Deductive Logic 1 (Department of Philosophy)

Complementary courses in Linguistics (36 credits)

36 credits in Linguistics, including 12 credits in related fields. At least 15 of the credits in Linguistics must be at the 400/500 level. Only 3 credits at the 200 level may count towards complementary credits.

Complementary courses in related fields

12 credits to be selected from the following list:

Computer Science

COMP 202 Foundations of Programming
COMP 230 Logic and Computability
COMP 250 Intro to Computer Science

French Language Literature

FREN 231 Linguistique française
FREN 336 Hist. de la langue française
FREN 434 Sociolinguistique du français


Any course(s) in language structure (other than the student's native language). Literature courses are not acceptable.


MATH 240 Discrete Structures 1


Any course(s) in logic or philosophy of science

PHIL 304 Chomsky
PHIL 306 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 415 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 515 course description not available


PSYC 311 Human Cognition and the Brain
PSYC 316 Psychology of Deafness
PSYC 340 Psych of Language
PSYC 341 The Psychology of Bilingualism
PSYC 530 Applied Topics in Deafness
PSYC 532 course description not available
PSYC 561 Methods:Dev Psycholinguistics


Any course(s) in statistics (from any department)

An average B+ grade (program GPA of 3.3) is required to maintain Honours standing in Linguistics and a minimum grade of B+ must be obtained in three out of four of the following courses: LING 330, LING 331, LING 360, LING 371, as well as in the Honours Thesis.  As per Faculty of Arts rules, a minimum CGPA of 3.00 must be maintained. The requirement for First Class Honours is CGPA of 3.5 and a minimum grade of A- in the Honours Thesis.

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