Mat 222 Assignment Week 3 Papers

Week 2 Discussion MAT 222For my “and” compoundinequality, I was assigned: -1 < 4 +5x ≤ 19The “and” part of it means that the inequality must ful±ll two di²erent condi³ons at the same ³me. Meaning that 4 + 5x must be greater than -1and4 + 5x must also be less than or equal to 19. Now we will ±nd out what those two numbers are in order to ±nd out the solu³on.-1 < 4 +5x ≤ 19I subtracted 4 from all three parts of the inequality-1 – 4 < 4 – 4 +5x ≤ 19 – 4-5 < 5x ≤ 15 Now I divided all three parts by 5-5/5 < 5x/5 ≤ 15/5-1 < x ≤ 3So any value of x greater than -1 and less than or equal to 3 willmake this inequality true.This -1 < x ≤ 3 is how thiscompound inequalityis wri´en algebraically.As anintersecTonof sets it would look like (-1, ∞)(-∞, 3] which equals (-1, 3] in interval nota³on.<-------------------(-----------|--------------------------------]------------------ >-1 0 3Here is a number line graph of the solu³on set. The square brackets mean that the end points are included inthe solu³on set; no³ce the green square bracket over the number 3.

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