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RFID technology may be hi-tech, but it is not rocket science. It does not take a PhD in
Physics or Telecommunications to implement RFID technology applications to your own
situation or business. All it takes is some knowledge about the RFID technology, to know
precisely what it can do (strengths) and what it cannot do (weaknesses). Hence the idea
of this Free Ebook, which you can easily download to your PC or laptop. This free Ebook is
an RFID application storybook, which has twenty five different RFID technology application
stories from around the globe. In this book you will find how ordinary people and
businesses have started benefiting from RFID technology.Password 'abhisam' Each RFID
technology application story is divided into different parts which give details about the
history and background information about the particular RFID technology application,
problems encountered , how an RFID technology based solution has solved the problem and
the future scenarios and trends. This Ebook is designed to not only offer you an
insight into how everyday people and businesses are using RFID technology to solve their
real world problems, but also to provoke you into coming up with your own RFID application
story. Instead of a regular printed book, we felt that an Ebook would be a better way, to
convey information about a technology that is too fast for the world of printed
books. You can study the RFID case studies and then apply RFID technology to YOUR own
business or profession. If it you do it in an interesting way, do let us know, we will
expand this book to also include your RFID application story. For those who prefer the
printed word, please print out a copy and read it anywhere you like. There are no
restrictions on printing at all. This Free Ebook does not have any complicated
technical jargon, equations, diagrams, graphs or charts. There are also no illustrations.
The book is designed to read more like a story book, which it is really.

  • How Cognizant Cut Costs by Deploying RFID to Track IT Assets

    In this PowerPoint presentation with audio, Hal Lavender, Chief Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions, explains how the IT and business process outsourcing services company is using RFID to more accurately track data center assets with minimal cost.

  • Covering the Bases

    It's peanuts, Cracker Jack and sensors, as government researchers test their all-in-one chemical defense system at a California ballpark.

  • RFID Contains Solution to Chinese Shipping Problems

    China International Marine Containers recently launched an RFID pilot to track containers from its factory to the storage yard.

  • Reading Books Reduces Out-of-Stocks

    BGN, Holland's largest bookseller, plans to roll out RFID at its 42 stores throughout 2007 and 2008.

  • RFID Frees Up Patient Beds

    St. Vincent's Hospital deployed a patient-tracking and real-time clinical information system that improved the quality of care, increased revenues and delivered an ROI.

  • Clothing Manufacturer Invests Its ROI in RFID

    Gardeur AG's RFID pilot to track garments from production to its warehouse using reusable tags was so successful that it plans to roll out the system company-wide.

  • Mississippi Blood Services Banks on RFID

    The not-for-profit organization tested an RFID system to manage and track blood, improve safety, make deliveries more timely and lower costs.

  • RFID Brings Order to a Chaotic Office

    Florida State University is the first educational institution to adopt 3M's RFID Tracking System—and recoup its investment in less than a year.

  • Dow Reveals a Chemical Attraction to RFID

    The manufacturer of plastics, solvents and other products is harnessing RFID's power to deliver value to its business and customers.

  • RFID Becomes an Overnight Sensation for Sernam

    The French shipping company finds that a tag-and-reader system significantly improves the efficiency of its overnight deliveries.

  • The Lahey Clinic's RFID Remedy

    A top Boston-area hospital has learned that RFID can cure problems associated with tracking and maintaining high-value mobile medical equipment.

  • RFID Chops Timber Costs

    Using tags embedded in plastic nails, German forestry company Cambium tracks logs as they move from the forest to the factory.

  • Finland Post Finds RFID Can Deliver ROI

    After completing a two-month RFID trial, the national mail carrier believes there is a clear business case for using tags to track reusable assets such as roll cages and crates.

  • LEGO Puts the RFID Pieces Together

    By integrating RFID into its current shipping operations, the company not only is able to comply with mandates from Target and Wal-Mart, it is also saving money and labor compared with a standalone tagging system.

  • Texas Lab Stocks Up With RFID

    At the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, researchers find that radio frequency identification gets them the supplies they need, 24-7.

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