Cmi Level 7 Assignment Examples Of Resignation

Cmi 3001v1 You as a Manager Essay examples

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Task 1: Developing and using a personal development plan * Identify the links between organisational objectives and personal development objectives
The organisation’s main aim is making a difference, as outlined in their Programme for and to make the Company t a “top performing organisation”. This mirrors my personal objectives to make myself a better worker. In order to achieve this I need to adhere to the Civil Service Competency Framework’s (2015) main aims of Setting Direction, Engaging People and Delivering Results. * Construct a personal development plan which meets agreed objectives
I have created a PDP that can be seen below. In my plan, I have identified what my short, medium and…show more content…

| Financial mistakes due to rushed work. | | |

What do I want to learn? | What do I have to do? | What support and resources will I need? | How will I measure success? | Target date for review? | Widen my understanding of leadership. | Complete CMI Level 3 Course | 1. LMS Learning Portal 2. CMI Website 3. Training Days 4. CMI Workbook | 1. Course Assessment | 31 March | The skills for the next grade up | Shadow other members of the team | 1. Line Manager 2. Other Team Members | 1.PMR | End of Year PMR | How to improve my proofreading | Attend a course | 1. Civil Service Learning portal 2. Elisha learning portal | 1. PMR 2. Line Manager monitors work | End of Year PMR | | | | | |

Short Term Goals (Next 12 Months) | Complete CMI Level 3 Management in order to gain confidence in my skills as a leader.Gain promotion to the next grade up which is Management Band 3 | Medium Term Goals (Next 2-3 Years) | Be given responsibility for leading and managing an individual staff member or even a few team members.Gain Promotion to Management Band 2 | Long Term Goals (3 years and Beyond) | Being given responsibility to lead on a project and managing staff.Looking at working towards promotion at Management Level 1 level. |

1.3 Identify a range of learning and development opportunities which support the achievement of the personal development plan

There are range of different development opportunities

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