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Life Review Paper

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Life Review Assignment
Lutricia Le
The University of Texas at Arlington, College of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of

N3261 Nursing of Older Adults
Denise Cauble RN, PhD (c), CWOCN
July 3, 2013

Life Review Assignment
After learning of this opportunity to interview an elderly adult, I already had a candidate in mind. S.F. is the grandfather of my boyfriend and this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about his family roots. It made for an easier interview because I was able establish more intimate connections by interviewing the grandfather of someone so close to me. S.F. is an 80 year old Caucasian male living with his wife of 59 years in Mineral Wells, Texas. Born in Brazos, Texas, he is the middle…show more content…

Life reviews may be used for anyone, but they are predominantly used for patients who are exposed to hospice and terminal care. The particular goals that could be extracted for these patients may include helping older adults reach closure and improving their qualities of life. In talking about “the good ol’ days” with a supportive listener, feelings of isolation from an older adult may be reduced and feelings of positivity would be further introduced. Through life reviews, an older adult is able to experience “increased socialization and connectedness with others.” It also provides “cognitive stimulation, improves communication, and can significantly decrease depression” (Touhy & Jett, 2012, p. 100).
Though life review and ordinary remembering seem synonymous, the two share very compelling and diverse similarities and differences. Life review and ordinary remembering are similar in that they both deal with recollections of the past from the onset of adolescence. The pivotal difference is that a life review takes a further step and helps the older adult recollect past memories by search for meaning within each experience and tapping into the emotions of those experiences. Ordinary remembering refers to a more informal and objective recollection of past experiences, while life review is the more formal, structural, and subjective examination of past

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Middle Adulthood (40 45) Interview Essay

“Though the age boundaries are not set in stone, we will consider middle adulthood as the developmental period that begins at approximately 40 to 45 years of age and extends to about 60 to 65 years of age” (Santrock, 2013, p. 485). I interviewed two individuals for this paper. Each person was asked the same fifteen questions (Appendix). I interviewed a male and a female who fell in the midrange of middle adulthood.
Generativity versus stagnation, Erikson's seventh developmental stage, occurs during middle adulthood. By generativity Erikson means primarily “a concern for helping the younger generation to develop and lead useful lives. The feeling of having done nothing to help the next generation is stagnation” (Santrock, 2013, p. 23). Both individuals indicated that they were content with the amount of help and mentoring that they had performed for the younger generation. Both are currently involved in mentoring college-aged individuals.
It was in the area of physical changes that they noticed considerable differences from their early adulthood. When initially asked generally how they feel compared to their 20’s, they both responded that they still felt like they were eighteen. It was only when asked about more specific health questions that they confided that there had been considerable changes. The male responded that he started wearing reading glasses at about forty-seven. The female decided to have eye surgery so that she would not have to wear glasses. Even with the surgery, ten years later, she now relies on reading glasses.
In their early forties, both had physicals and revealed high blood pressure, the female also had high cholesterol and the male was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Through diet and exercise both are now off of medications for these conditions. However they both noticed that when they abandon their exercise routines they gain weight and have to temporarily go back on medications.
One area where there was great agreement was their sleeping patterns. Both agreed that they spent more time in bed but it was not as restful. This is in agreement with the physical changes described as “The total number of hours slept usually remains the same as in early adulthood, but beginning in the forties, wakeful periods are more frequent and there is less of the deepest type of sleep (Santrock, 2013, p. 489).
The area of greatest disagreement was the area of midlife crisis. “Levinson (1978) views midlife as a crisis, arguing that the middle-aged adult is suspended between the past and the future, trying to cope with this gap that threatens life’s continuity (Santrock, 2013 p. 512). This is particularly interesting because the female responded that she was experiencing a midlife crisis and the male did not. However, in this instance, the female is still in the workforce and the male is retired. The experiences that the female related closely resemble the conditions of the male during the time of Levinson’s study. In addition to still...

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