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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay on any Topic

Published 5/9/2013

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A Cause and Effect essay essay is concerned with why things happen and what happens as a result (effects). Cause and effect is a common method of organizing and discussing ideas.

When writing your essay, remember your purpose. Decide if your are writing to persuade or inform. Focus on immediate and direct effects. Limit yourself to causes that are close in time and related, as opposed to remote and indirect causes, which occur later and are related indirectly.

Choosing a Topic for Cause and Effect Essay

In order to write a good Cause and Effect essay, you need to find a good topic for it, i.e. a topic that lets you easily demonstrate your writing skills and finally get a high grade without thinking too much.

Althrough choosing the essay topic for cause and effect essay type is not difficult, It’s important you choose the essay topic that is really important for you. Choosing the correct essay topic makes your essay more interesting and successful.

Here are some examples of pretty good Cause and Effect essay topics:

The Civil Rights Movement and the Effects

Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

Popularity of Sports in US Internet Influence on kids

Effects of Pollution

The Changes in the Ocean

Using the following links, you can find a lot of good topics for your Cause and Effect essay:

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Cause Effect Essay Sample Topics

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Cause and Effect essay structure

Considering the right structure for your essay is one of the key points of success. Sticking to a recommended essay structure is the only way to properly outline and write it, paragraph by paragraph from the introduction to conclusion, without mistakes.

Depending on the kind of relation between causes and effects, your essay can be organized by one of the three patterns: "Multiple Causes, One Effect" pattern, "One Cause, Multiple Effects" pattern and "Causal Chain (Domino)" pattern

Multiple Causes One Effect pattern

This pattern deals with the situation when one effect is a result of multiple causes.

It contains five paragraphs: introduction, conclusion, and three paragraphs, each one describing one of the causes, leading to the effect.

One Cause Multiple Effects

This pattern should be used when one cause leads to multiple effects.

It contains five paragraphs: introduction, conclusion, and three paragraphs, each one describing one of the effects, the cause is leading to.

Causal Chain (Domino)

Sometimes a cause leads to a situation and that situation leads to another situation and so on.

This is called a causal chain or domino effect.

Causal chain pattern contains seven paragraphs: introduction, conclusion, and five paragraphs, each one describing one causal link.

After choosing an essay pattern, now all you need is to write your cause and effect essay, on any topic, according to your pattern’s structure. Also, be sure to read the A+ writing tips for a cause and effect essay on any topic below. Follow these instructions and you will write a high grading cause and effect essay.

Writing an A+ Cause and Effect Essay


In a Cause and Effect essay, the introduction is very important. It gives the reader his/her first impression of the text.

First of all, provide background information. Than state your essay’s thesis.

In "Multiple Causes, One Effect" pattern, enumerate the causes / causes groups leading to this effect. For example:

Hunger is a result of many reasons such as poverty, models of development and consumption, violence and militarism.

In "One Cause, Multiple Effects" pattern, enumerate the effects / effect groups of the cause. For example:

TV was also invented with positive thoughts in mind – there would be no national borders, education and communication would be worldwide, etc. However, we are now trying to overcome its physiological and psychological adverse effects on human beings.

In "Causal Chain (Domino)" pattern, state that the first cause in the chain leads to the final effect. For example:

Let’s see how the use of popular deodorants can bring the end of world.

Multiple Causes, One Effect – Cause Paragraph

Clearly state the cause

One of the main causes of hunger is poverty – lack of purchasing power and access to resources.

Support the cause by two supports – major and minor

Poverty is linked not only with poor national economic performance but also with an unequal distribution of income and a political structure that renders poor people powerless, whether in a democracy or a dictatorship.

While writing, these supporting ideas should be adequately explained and exemplified as well.

Globally, incomes and consumption differ starkly. Twenty percent of the world’s population – mostly in industrial countries – receives 85 percent of the world’s income and accounts for 80 percent of consumption, producing two-thirds of all greenhouse gases and 90 percent of ozone - depleting chlorofluorocarbons. This level of consumption is not sustainable at the global level.

Use appropriate transitions

To blend details smoothly, use the transitional words and phrases listed below:

because, due to, on cause is, another is, since, for, first, second

One Cause, Multiple Effects – Effect Paragraph

Clearly state the effect

One of the physiological effects of watching TV in excessive amounts is eye-strain.

Explain it in details

It is true that there are specifications for watching TV; TV should be 5 m. away from the eye, the room should be adequately lit, TV should be placed at the same height with our eyes, etc. However, these do not prevent our eyes from getting tired if we keep watching TV for a long time.

If it’s a group of effects consequently explain each effect:

Another effect is obesity, which is widely observed in people who like watching TV and eating snacks everyday (there is even a term “TV snacks” to refer to fast food that is suitable for eating in front of the TV). TV is such a powerful machine that people cannot get away from it – it is addictive.

Use appropriate transitions

To blend details smoothly, use the transitional words and phrases listed below:

consequently, as a result, thus, resulted in, one result is, another is, therefore

Causal Chain (Domino) – Causal Link Paragraph

Keep in mind the causal chain

deodorants contain chlorofluorocarbon gases ->
this gas destroys the ozone layer ->
unfiltered ultraviolet rays melt icebergs ->
the sea-level rises -> sea covers the land -> end of the world.

In each paragraph you deal with one cause / effect entry

Clearly state the cause and the effect

Chlorofluorocarbon gases cause the ozone layer to become thinner and finally disappear in patches

Explain the link in details

Years of deforestation and pollution have slowly but steadily damaged the atmosphere and depleted the ozone layer. Refrigerators and air conditioners, for example, emit harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which cause the depletion of the ozone layer, which results in Global warming.

Use appropriate transition terms

To blend details smoothly, use transitional terms, such as those listed below:

because, due to, on cause is, another is, since, for, first, second, consequently, as a result, thus, resulted in, one result is, another is, therefore


The conclusion of a cause and effect essay is one of the more important essay components. Without a solid ending, the earlier analysis could fall flat, no matter how well written the ideas were.

Restate (do not repeat) the thesis

Global warming is the result of human negligence. Years of deforestation and pollution have slowly but steadily damaged the atmosphere and depleted the ozone layer.

Consider the implications

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself what needs to be said to finish things up in a clear, concise way. What things need to be addressed in order to wrap things up?

You may explain how your conclusion should be practically used; express your hopes as you look to the future; issue a call for action, etc.:

To reduce Global warming we need to control the air pollution, the emission of the harmful gases and factory smoke. We need to respect and protect our environment so that we have safe and healthy air to breathe and we can live in a clean atmosphere.

Finalizing your Work

Pay attention that even though your essay is fully written, it still isn’t ready to submission.

There are some common and annoying mistakes which may significantly harm your grade. However, you can avoid those grade lowering mistakes by completing the following checklist:

  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Ensure that your essay is fully compliant with the required formatting standard
  • Properly organize all the citations and the References / Works Cited page
  • Ensure that your title page is done as required
  • Take a final look at your paper to be certain that everything is indeed fine

Even though you might not think you’re a master at persuasion, chances are you’re better than you think.

Did you ever try to persuade your parents to let you stay out beyond curfew? Have you ever tried to persuade a friend to watch a movie he really didn’t want to see? Maybe you’ve even tried to convince your professor to accept your late paper.

All of these situations require excellent persuasion skills because you need to offer reasons and examples to convince someone of something.

Writing a persuasive essay is a lot like other forms of persuasion, but you need good persuasive essay topics to start your essay right. This post will give you 15!

What Makes for Good Persuasive Essay Topics?

Good persuasive essay topics have to be persuasive.

Don’t write an informative essay about the rules of hockey or a how-to paper about Photoshopping your image next to Zac Efron on the red carpet.

Both of these topics are informative not persuasive.

Instead, write a persuasive paper about how the rules for tripping or diving should be more strictly enforced in the NHL. Or write about why Zac Efron’s performance in The Lucky One deserves an Oscar.

These topics allow readers to agree or disagree with your opinion and allow you to use evidence and examples to help persuade your audience.

But even if you know what makes a good topic, it’s not always easy to think of one. If you’re struggling to find good persuasive essay topics, take a look at the 15 examples below.

15 Good Persuasive Essay Topics to Start Your Essay Right

Just like a good breakfast can start your day right, a good persuasive essay topic will help start your essay right. Keep reading to find the right fit for your paper.

1. What are the causes of divorce?

This list can be almost endless. Many kids feel they’re the reason their parents divorce. Couples often point to infidelity, financial troubles, and abuse as causes for divorce.

You might want to develop an extended argument to explain what you feel is the key reason for divorce, or you might write about the top three or four reasons for divorce.

2. How does violence on television affect people?

An essay on this topic might focus on a specific age group, such as kids or teens. The essay might discuss how TV violence can cause viewers to become desensitized to violence or how violence may cause people to feel less empathy towards others.

3. Should organ donors be financially compensated?

Some feel that organ donation is a gift, and people should voluntarily donate their organs to help others. On the other hand, some feel that donors should be financially compensated when they sign up and think this strategy will help increase the number of people willing to donate their organs.

4. Do celebrities make good role models for children?

We’ve all heard the stories of Angelina Jolie and her humanitarian efforts. Likewise, we’ve all heard the stories of Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse problems and subsequent arrests.

It’s obvious that some celebrities make better role models than others, so the challenge with this topic is to look at the world of celebrities to determine whether or not celebrities make good role models for kids.

5. Should high school students be required to take foreign language classes?

Have you ever sat in Spanish, French or another language class and thought, “this is great, but when will I ever use this stuff?” If you feel this way, you’ll likely have plenty of reasons why foreign language classes should not be a requirement.

Talk to your teachers or counselors (or anyone who is bilingual) to learn why they feel studying a foreign language is beneficial and helps you see the world from new perspectives. You may find there is a compelling argument for learning a second language after all! Que bueno!

6. Should drug testing for welfare recipients be mandatory?

With drug testing now common in many workplaces, some argue that it’s only fair to drug test welfare recipients. These people don’t think their tax dollars should assist those who somehow find the money for illegal drugs but cannot find the money for daily living expenses.

Others argue that drug testing welfare recipients ultimately and unfairly harms children, as they may not receive adequate housing, food, or care if their parents are ineligible for assistance.

7. Can you receive a quality college education through completing only online courses?

If you’ve ever taken an online course, you know how different it can be from a traditional face-to-face course. Did you feel you learned as much in the online course? Perhaps you thought you learned more due to the online format.

Your persuasive essay about online courses might include a discussion of different learning styles. Perhaps include an analysis of the effectiveness of online learning for various types of learners.

8. Should embryonic stem cell research be allowed to continue?

The pro side argues that stem cell research is necessary to help save lives. This side believes religion and science shouldn’t mix, and more funding should be available for additional testing.

The con side argues that stem cell research is like abortion and is murder. This side believes similar research can be conducted using other methods that do not involve embryonic stem cells.

9. Should schools be allowed to monitor students’ social media use in the name of preventing cyber-bullying?

Do teens have the right to complete online privacy? Do schools have the right to monitor students’ social media if it helps prevent cyber-bullying? How would you feel if everything you posted to your friends was monitored by your teachers?

The key question here is how far is too far? Certainly, both students and parents want a safe learning environment, but does a school have the right (or obligation) to monitor social media?

10. Are PETA’s advertising campaigns inappropriate?

PETA often uses controversial (and some would say inappropriate) ad campaigns to draw attention to their cause. Does the shock-value make these ads effective, or are they too offensive?

11. Are professional athletes overpaid?

According to, in 2014 Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions earned $22.4 million. reports that Kobe Bryant earns a $20.6 millon salary and an additional $44 million each year in endorsements.

USNews& lists the median salary for registered nurses (in 2013) as $66,220. The starting salary for a chemical engineer, according to, is $70,400.

With such a large gap in wages, does this mean pro athletes are deserving of such high salaries because of their unique skills and abilities, or does this mean they are grossly overpaid?

12. Should student loan debt be forgiven?

Two schools of thought often emerge about the student loan debate.

On one hand, people argue that because students took out the loans, they should be obligated to repay them.

On the other hand, some argue that the cost of college leaves students with crippling debt that they’ll never be able to repay.

If you’re writing about student loan forgiveness, consider who is harmed and who is helped if the loans are forgiven. Students will no longer be in debt, but who actually pays the price for the unpaid loans?

13. Is it a university’s responsibility to provide programs to help first-year students transition to college?

For any college student who’s ever stepped foot on campus on the first day of the semester and felt a little lost, college transition programs can be life-saving. These programs can help students relieve stress, help them feel more confident in their abilities, and help them become successful students.

Is it the university’s responsibility, though, to help students make this transition, or should parents and high schools prepare students for the transition to college?

14. Are children being overmedicated?

Increasing numbers of children are given a variety of medications, such as ritalin, to help alleviate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Why are the numbers of medicated children increasing? Do more children need the medication? Are parents too quick to ask for medications for their children? Are doctors too eager to push medications on patients?

15. Should people be considered adults at age 18?

Did you ever do something stupid during your teen years? I bet most of us can answer “yes” to that question.

At the same time, did you feel once you turned 18 you were an adult and should be able to make your own decisions without that nagging parental voice of reason? I’m sure most of us can say “yes” to that question, too.

Even though people are generally considered adults at age 18, research suggests that the adolescent brain is not fully developed until age 25.

Does that mean college students should still be considered adolescents? Should society only consider people adults once they reach 25?

A Little (More) Help

There are times (and this may be one of them) that even after reading a list of really good persuasive essay topics, you still don’t find one you want to write about.

If you’re looking for more good persuasive essay topics, try one of these: 20 Persuasive Thesis Statement Examples That are…Persuasive and 20 Persuasive Essay Topics to You Help Get Started.

You’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect topic–and it was a lot of work, wasn’t it? Trust me, it will be worth it. But now comes another really time-consuming part–writing the paper!

Are you in need of a little more assistance to help you actually write a persuasive essay?

Let me point you in the right direction.

Start by checking out these posts:

And here’s where I practice the art of persuasion:

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