05.01 Religion And Cultural Identity Essay

Religion Values, and Culture Identity Development Essay

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Identity is a word that is used very commonly and regularly by people in their daily life. Identity formation is a process of developing distinct, separate identity. “A person’s identity has many attributes. It is a representation of one’s unique personal experience, memory, ethnicity, culture, religious orientation, gender, occupational role, amongst various other factors. Erikson refers to identity as “some belief in the sameness and continuity of some shared world image.”Identity may be defined as one’s consciousness of one self and others’ perception of one’s individuality”, (Yamin, 2008).
Identity can be defined by cultural classification which includes nationality race, religion, gender and social characteristics which includes…show more content…

“cultural values and behaviors , sense of group membership and minority status experience (Haji et al 2011).Social identity theory (SIT) given by Tajfel and Turner, 1975 provided a framework for understanding cultural identity. According to this theory, social identity is a sense of belonging to a particular social category or group, and the importance of social identity depends upon the inter relation context as cited by (Haji et al, 2011) .So the culture or group that the person identifies with influences their pride and self esteem. Banks, in 2004 gave cultural/ethnic identity development stages. The 6 stages given by banks are as follows,
• “Stage 1: Ethnic psychological captivity, people in this stage have monocultural experience, they suffer the stereotypes associated with their groups.
• Stage 2: Ethnic encapsulation, people have defensive attitude towards their culture, the majority culture is threatening.
• Stage 3: Ethnic Identity Clarification, people start to reinforce their emerging cultural identity.
• Stage 4: Biethnicity, to have strong sense of their ethnic identity, a clear understanding for your own culture and respect for

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Religion and Cultural Identity Essays

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Religion and Cultural Identity

Is it possible to be a Muslim without believing the validity of the prophecies of Mohammed? Is it possible to be a Christian without believing in the resurrection of Jesus? My definition of religion transformed greatly during my studies the past few months. Even as a religion major at St. Olaf College I thought of religion very narrowly, as a construct of metaphysical beliefs. But I've come to realize that religion runs far deeper than my Lutheran mind previously conceived.

By studying cultures and religions other than my own in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Greece it became clear to me that religion plays a huge part in shaping ones cultural identity. Bringing this "cultural identity" viewpoint to its…show more content…

The research presents itself chronologically by topic and is subdivided by country.

Searching back to its beginnings, religion has a profound impact on cultural identity through the presence of deep and ancient roots that connect a people to their glorious, memorable and often idealized histories. By equating a given religion with the success of a society often times national pride and religious pride become intertwined. Though this manifests itself differently in each country, throughout all four surveyed this attribute seemed to be present.

Turkey, though once the throne of Christendom, it began a new and glorious religious history starting in 1453 with the sack of Constantinople by the Islamic Turkish forces. During the next half millennium the strong Ottoman state is primarily controlled by the Islamic Sultanate and Caliphate. Istanbul under the Ottoman Empire was a, if not the, cultural center of the Islamic world. The empire brought great wealth, knowledge and culture into the modern day lands of Turkey. Although the modern Republic tried to suppress its Ottoman past, Turkey's Islamic beginnings remain a source of great Turkish pride. Though most people can no longer access their history through original Ottoman texts it is impossible to hide the

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