Ain1501 Assignment Management

Accounting Information Systems- Lecture 1
Professor Cooperberg

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Time Stamps

0:05 The Data Hierarchy

4:16 Record Layout

5:45 Field Formats

7:08 Record Keys

11:01 Coding Systems

13:48 BlockCode Example- Chart of Accounts

14:58 Block Coding Problem

20:18 Numeric Group Coding

21:45 Mnemonic Group Coding

22:28 File Types

25:10 File Organization and Processing Modes

27:39 The Data Processing Cycle

29:25 Batch Processing

30:31 Online Processing

31:42 The Control Environment

36:04 AICPA Top 10 IT initiatives-2013


In this lecture, Professor Cooperberg will explains the type of structures used in accounting information systems. He reviews the data hierarchy used in access and familiarizes students with record layout. Professor Cooperberg continues with an explanation of field formats, record keys, and coding systems used in access. He concludes with examples of how each format is used.

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