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maveekay wrote:

LOL..It's quite interesting to see that I'm not the only one getting bored by those dozens of myUnisa posts, people sharing their BBM Pins, Cell numbers and what not, asking to be added to study groups.. I mean, isn't that forum meant for specific module group discussions ...I've noticed though, it happens mostly with the same modules that do not have any popularity even here on SNW, mainly the MNM(marketing modules). It's a pain getting any fruitful discussions with most MNM modules.

But with your other modules outside your Marketing domain like General management(MNG) people will have loads of meaningful discussions, I guess there aren't as many people majoring in Marketing, other than that, I don't know why.[/quote]

Its crazy.. MNN3701 - Corporate Citizenship. I failed this module, last semester it was alive, this semester is completely dead. We don't even get to see the lecture coming crossing many times. She posted the questions and glue on what we should discuss about since this module is more interested in Development in general. Was gonna be fun to share thoughts and new knowledge but is completely dead. last post was it for study group adding. Discussion Forums can be a study groups its self but I see now is becoming please add me sort of forums.

You mostly right, MNM modules are way worse than any other modules everywhere. Maybe as you said.. depends of the meaning of them. General and Strategic Managements are on top of the leader in Business Managements department.

С годами она приобрела гибкость и грацию. У нее была высокая стройная фигура с пышной грудью и по-юношески плоским животом. Дэвид шутил, что она может стать первой моделью для рекламы купальников, имеющей докторскую степень по прикладной математике и теории чисел. Через несколько месяцев оба начали подозревать, что обрели нечто такое, что может продлиться всю жизнь.

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