Web 240 Week 1 Assignment Cash

more innovative and interactive. We also recommend putting some security features to restrict access to confidential information pertaining to the organization. For example, under Human Resource, “Employee files”, “Organization Chart”, and “Policies & Procedures” under facilities should not be accessible to the public but only employees of the Organization. In order to reach our goal of bringing the current site to a more innovative and interactive site the following tasks will be used. The following includes a list of design criteria our team came up with FEATURES DETAILS Clear site navigation Will bring structure and organization throughout the site Color scheme To minimize the overpowering of the contents Site testing Test our site on multiple browsers Readable text Use proper font size that would make text easy to read and easily scanned High light key points Provide an easy way to identify important information Graphics Use images that would contribute to the user experience Create sidebar links Will assist with navigating through site materials Homepage links Provide a link back to the home page from every page of the site Highlight Headers Will allow the user to focus on key materials Correct spelling and Grammar Will assist user with understanding the materials written throughout the site. About us Will include information about the organization, History and possibly the mission/vision/Core values Careers Opportunities Will include information about how to apply for any of the vacancies listed in the different job descriptions News Information pertaining to current events in the community such as blood drives and health screens Providers List the physicians and their specialties Services This list the different services offered Website update Information about the last time the materials was updated Visitor count How many visitors viewed the site Social media links Which includes Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Google

INDIVIDUAL WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: PART 1 2 Individual Website Design and Development: Part 1 Currently, I own and operate JumpTech , a small network consulting firm in Central Florida, serving the network and system-related needs of other small to medium-sized businesses in my area. While the business is thriving, it lacks a professional website: a vital component of any modern organization. Therefore, I am proposing the development of a new website for your consideration (www.jumptech.net), which is currently in the planning and analysis stage. In this report, I will outline the purpose of my site, its intended audience, and some of the content it will ultimately contain. In the end, I hope to gain your financial support for this exciting new venture, which will increase profits for the firm through advertising, and help to foster customer loyalty, by facilitating enhanced customer support via a web-based platform.

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