Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success In Life Essay

Plus, 10 ways to turn it into action.

One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you.

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I generally start my workshops and seminars by asking a fundamental question: What attitude did you bring into this meeting? Often, this brings puzzled looks. In truth, people generally don’t have a high level of attitude awareness. They’ll know if they are hungry or if their feet hurt, but they usually don’t have a good handle on their attitude. That is a mistake because attitude is everything. It governs the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you.

We all have a choice. We can choose an inner dialogue of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or we can choose one of self-defeat and self-pity. It’s a power we all have. Each of us encounters hard times, hurt feelings, heartache, and physical and emotional pain. The key is to realize it’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how you choose to respond.

Your mind is a computer that can be programmed. You can choose whether the software installed is productive or unproductive. Your inner dialogue is the software that programs your attitude, which determines how you present yourself to the world around you. You have control over the programming. Whatever you put into it is reflected in what comes out.

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Many of us have behavior patterns today that were programmed into our brains at a very tender age. The information that was recorded by our brains could have been completely inaccurate or cruel. The sad reality of life is that we will continue to hear negative information, but we don’t have to program it into our brains.

The loudest and most influential voice you hear is your own inner voice, your selfcritic. It can work for or against you, depending on the messages you allow. It can be optimistic or pessimistic. It can wear you down or cheer you on. You control the sender and the receiver, but only if you consciously take responsibility for and control over your inner conversation.

Habitual bad attitudes are often the product of past experiences and events. Common causes include low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, anger and an inability to handle change. It takes serious work to examine the roots of a harmful attitude, but the rewards of ridding ourselves of this heavy baggage can last a lifetime.

Here are 10 strategies from my attitude tool kit to improve your attitude:

1. Self-Coaching Through Affirmations

Affirmations repeated several times each day, every day, serve to reprogram your subconscious with positive thinking. An affirmation is made up of words charged with power, conviction and faith. You send a positive response to your subconscious, which accepts whatever you tell it. When done properly, this triggers positive feelings that, in turn, drive action.

2. Self-Motivation Through Discovering Your Motives

Discover what motivates you—what incites you to take action to change your life. Basic motives include love, self-preservation, anger, financial gain and fear. Self-motivation requires enthusiasm, a positive outlook, a positive physiology (walk faster, smile, sit up), and a belief in yourself and your God-given potential.

3. The Power of Visualization

Studies of the psychology of peak performance have found that most great athletes, surgeons, engineers and artists use affirmations and visualizations either consciously or subconsciously to enhance and focus their skills. Nelson Mandela has written extensively on how visualization helped him maintain a positive attitude while being imprisoned for 27 years. “I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do,” he wrote in his autobiography. Visualization works well to improve attitude.

4. Attitude Talk for Positive Internal Dialogue

Attitude talk is a way to override your past negative programming by erasing or replacing it with a conscious, positive internal voice that helps you face new directions. Your internal conversation—that little voice you listen to all day long—acts like a seed in that it programs your brain and affects your behavior. Take a closer look at what you are saying to yourself.

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5. The Power of Words—WOW

Once released to the universe, our words cannot be taken back. Learn the concept of WOW—watch our words. What we speak reflects what is already in our hearts based upon all the things we have come to believe about ourselves. If we find ourselves speaking judgmental and disparaging things about our circumstances or those around us, we know the condition of our hearts needs to change. You can create a direct path to success by what you say. 

6. The Power in a Positive Greeting

When people ask me how I am doing, I say, “Super-fantastic.” Most people enjoy working and living with others who try to live life for what it is—a beautiful gift.

7. Enthusiasm: Vital Tool for Staying Motivated

Enthusiasm is to attitude what breathing is to life. Enthusiasm enables you to apply your gifts more effectively. It’s the burning desire that communicates commitment, determination and spirit. Enthusiasm means putting yourself in motion. It’s an internal spirit that speaks through your actions from your commitment and your belief in what you are doing. It is one of the most empowering and attractive characteristics you can have.

8. Connecting to Your Spiritual Empowerment

The ultimate level of human need extends into the spiritual realm. Just as we feed our bodies in response to our primary need to survive physically, we need to feed our spirit because we are spiritual beings. Many people find powerful and positive motivation in their faith. I happen to be one of them.

9. Lighten Up Your Life with Humor

Humor is a powerful motivator. The more humor and laughter in your life, the less stress you’ll have, which means more positive energy to help you put your attitude into action. There are also health benefits to lightening up.

10. Exercising Will Help Keep You Motivated

One of the best ways to move to a more positive and motivated frame of mind is to exercise. A regular exercise routine can provide relatively quick positive feedback in the form of weight loss, muscle development and a sense of doing something positive for yourself.

Seek your personal and professional success by using the tools in this attitude tool kit. It is no secret that life seems to reward us most when we approach the world with a positive attitude.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2009 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Everyone desires to know the key to success. You may have heard many famous people say that success comes with the persistent efforts and positive thinking. So, in this article, we will try to focus on how the power of positivity leads to success.

What is positive thinking

Positive thinking is an attitude that pushes you to expect good and desired results. Power of positivity helps you in creating and transforming energy into reality. Positive mindset helps you to seek happiness, health and a happy ending regardless of the situation.

Lots of successful people have recognized the positivity as the key to success. Power of positivity may change your personal and professional life. Thus, in the tough situations, people ask you to think positive. Now you may have keenness to know what makes positivity a must for you to meet success. So, let’s learn some benefits of positive thinking.

Benefits of positive thinking

It keeps stress at bay

You get bombarded with negative thoughts if something bad happens in your life. It can happen due to personal or professional reasons. It affects some parts of your life in some way. Believing in power of positivity can help you in avoiding stress. The key is to learn from whatever happened. The key to success to move on as stress will only become a hindrance in your way of progress.

You live a happy and healthy life

People with the high level of stress tend to have some physical and psychological illness. Loss of weight, anxiety and sleep problems are common among stressed people. Thinking positive helps you in reducing all it. You can gain best physical and mental health if you hope for the best in any situation.

It boosts your confidence and self-esteem

You win half of the battle if you are confident of your abilities. Power of positivity promotes confidence. It boosts your self-esteem as you work independently believing in your skills. Thinking positive is the ultimate requirement for you to stay motivated in life.

You can make good decisions

Lots of people regret the decisions they make during the tense phases of life. Tension or stress reduces your power of thinking. It hurries you to make a decision. On the other hand, a positive thinker may find it easy to make decisions. He or she can give the right amount of thought to the situation at hand. It is the key to success for a positive thinker.

It leads you to success

The power of positivity helps you in discovering your skills. You can find the ray of hope in the darkest of hours with the positive mindset. All of these are the essentials to reach success. Optimism also helps you to meet joy. It makes your personality appealing to the people. This way you can help other people change the way of their thinking. Furthermore, you can also learn much from them.

Positive thinking techniques

Encourage positivity at the start of the day

At times, you may encounter something unfavorable in the morning. This undesired thing may instill bad thoughts in your mind. These thoughts may carry with you all day. As a result, you may keep thinking negative all day.

Encouraging positive thoughts is the key to success in such situation. You must make yourself remember that negative thoughts are not helpful. It will help you in having a positive day.

Focus on the good things and try humor

Difficulties and life run parallel. Sometimes in the day, you may have some problems in attempting your academic tasks. Or you may have some other personal issues. In such situation, you must focus on the things that seem pleasing.

For example, if writing a section of the assignment seems difficult to you, then focus on other section. You must believe in power of positivity no matter how tough the situation is. Humor is the best medicine to deal with the stress. Hence, you must try reading or watching some comedy film if stress troubles you. Moreover, you must meet some friends to chill out your mind.

Learn from the failures

Success and failures are part of live. There is no successful person who has not failed somewhere. Learning from the failures and giving up separate the successful and failed people. In other words, the people who focus on learning from mistakes achieve success. The people who become demoralized due to failure can’t find success.

Thus, your key to success is to learn from the failures. You must assess your work after completing. You must find out the points that seems hindering your progress. It will help you in making compelling plans for the next time you sit to attempt the task. You will get positive results due to believing in power of positivity.

Imagine success and forgive yourself

To meet success, you must have a plan, determination and power of positivity. Imagining success is also a key to success. Moreover, it may also motivate you to achieve your goals. Thus, you must try to visualize what you want to achieve in life. You should imagine your road-map to success. You must imagine the difficulties and ease you may have in the search of success.

You may have some regrets about some personal or professional issues. It may freeze you if you try to overcome those regrets. This way it may affect your progress much. The ideal thing here is to learn to forgive yourself. In such situation, you must pat yourself on the back and try to overcome the negative thoughts. You must accept your mistakes and tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes. It will prove key to success for you as you will overcome the regrets.

Stay focused on the present

You may have worries about some past or future things. This leads you not to give needed focus to the present. Not giving time to the present leads to many mistakes. The result is you find yourself stuck sorting mistakes from the past and worrying about future.

Present moment is the best moment to live in. Focusing on the present will help you in taking the right steps in everything. Taking right steps is the key to success and that is what you want ultimately.

Make positive friends and mentors

We will also recommend you to stay in the circles that are positive. It will give you positive vibes which are essential to success. So, you must try to make friends who have power of positivity. Furthermore, you must have mentors who help you in learning from your mistakes. They must show you the right way to do a certain thing.

Impacts of positive and negative thinking on brain

How positivity affects the brain?

Positivity can broaden your mind in many ways. You get different positive emotions such as joy, love and contentment. It is obvious that you feel more strong experiencing these emotions.

Power of positivity helps you in seeing the world differently. It opens more possibilities in front of you and helps you in discovering your key to success.

How negativity affects the brain?

You can’t do anything, but worrying or getting angry while facing some tense situation. It happens as negativity surrounds your mind in such situation. It narrows and focuses your thoughts only on one thing. It means that you forget to try to find a way to sort out the problem. The only thing your brain does is worry.

For example, if you find a lion chasing you, the only that would come in your mind is to run. Your focus stays on running worrying about the life. In such situation, you forget to do other possible things such as climbing a tree or grabbing a stick. So, this way negativity affects your power of positivity and leads you nowhere.

What is success?

Success don’t have a specific definition. It is also not possible to define success. The reason is that some people find success in having luxurious cars, reputation, etc. Others may find success in spending happy life with their loved ones.

It is you who can define success in your own way. To learn the meaning of success, you have to learn the things you want to achieve in life. Or you must discover the things that makes you happy. If you are able to meet the things you want, then you are successful.

Techniques of success

We hope that you may have understood the meaning of the success. Next you may have interest in getting some tips of achieve success. So, in this section of the article, let’s learn what is the key to success.

Commitment is the premier requirement

Commitment is must to achieve anything in life. Commitment and power of positivity makes your goals clearer to you. More importantly, it motivates you to achieve success. To show full commitment towards you goals, you have to know how important it is for you. You must discover how far you can go to meet your goals.

Don’t worry about the results, focus on learning

You may be worried about the results instead of learning the ways to achieve your goals. This fear makes it tough for you to reach your objectives. Also, your personal life gets hampered. The key to success is to discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

You must assess how are you doing at a task and where you need improvement. You should not hesitating in exploring and experimenting. It will keep the result worries far away from you. You will also stay motivated to meet your goals.

Make your journey of success fun

Ease and difficulties are the part of life. You should believe in the power of positivity and think your journey of success as fun. You must to take all the experiences in life. If you start worrying about the problems you face in the journey, then you may lose perspective. It will hinder your progress and you may not achieve success.

Keep the useless thoughts at bay

You get two types of thoughts in your mind; positive and negative. Both these thoughts influence feelings and feelings decide how you approach your work. You have the option of choosing any of these thoughts. Choosing the positive thoughts is a better option. It will help you in working efficiently and your motivation level will also stay high.

Use of the imagination is the key to success

In life, you may feel happy and full of energy at times. You get positive vibes and imagine everything will happen perfectly. When you face difficulties in life, then you positive energy gets lower. Your imagination becomes negative as well.

Hence, every time you imagine something bad, just wash it away with some positive imagination. Try to imagine how would you feel after achieving your goals. Imagine how exciting the journey of your success may turn out. This Power of positivity and imagination will help you in staying afloat in the pursuit of your goals.

Challenge yourself

There are two types of people; first ones are who sit back and wait for the opportunities. Others are the ones who take action and make things happen. They are not scared of the challenges, instead they like to challenge themselves. Those who take challenges, mostly achieve success.

So, your key to success is to face the challenges. What are you waiting for? Discover the things that make you scared in the journey to meet your aims. Face those challenges and you will find success.

Keep the distractions away

Distractions are always around you. You may find it tough to study if there is persistent noise around your study place. Or you may not focus if you get notifications on Facebook or other social media regularly.

Hence, it is a must for you to keep such distractions away while doing any task. You should give importance to focusing on the things that are most valuable. It will help you in attempting your task effectively.

Work independently

It is good to take other’s suggestions in doing things. However, it is not ideal to rely on others for everything. Hence, you should believe in the power of positivity and try to work independently on all the projects. With that, you should also welcome some help or suggestions from your friends if they have time.

Plan and do assessment regularly

You can’t reach your destination if you don’t know the direction. Planning helps you in discovering your road to the success. It helps you in determining what and how you will do a certain thing. That makes the planning your key to success.

Moreover, you should also review each of your tasks regularly. You must take critical approach while assessing your tasks. You must try to find out your weak areas. It is also a must for you to find the ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Make sure you don’t get burnout

It is possible that you may get tired of your tasks. It may happen if you are fully motivated to do your tasks. It is a must for you to recognize the signs of burnout. Furthermore, you should also take the breaks from work when possible. It will refresh your mind and your body will feel relaxed. It will result in better performance from you and you will see the desired results.

Ways to make your day productive

Now you are aware that power of positivity and taking the right approach is the key to success. One more thing that matters much is to make your day productive. So, let’s have a look at some tips that may help you in the same.

Be active right from the morning

Starting your day fully actively can make your day perfect. It is the way many of the successful persons use. So, get up early in the morning, do some exercise and get healthy breakfast. Next, comes work, here you need to acknowledge the most important task you have at hand. You must prioritize the important tasks and should attempt it in the first part of the day.

There are three reasons to attempt most important in the first part of the day;

  • Your mind and body is fresh
  • The first part of the day is longer
  • And you will find time to make changes in the work if some mistakes happen

Do one task at a time

Multitasking is a skill only few people have. It is a fact that not everyone can do multitasking. However, researches have proved that multitasking affects the quality of the work. Hence, you should focus on one task at a time. This is another key to success.

Learn to manage your time

Some people give so much dedication towards their task that they spend hours working on it. The result they get is burnout or tiredness. Other people take so many breaks while doing a task that they can’t give required time to a task.

That makes it a must for you to learn to manage your time. You should set the right balance between work and breaks. You must work with commitment and believe in the power of positivity. You must take breaks when you feel tired. But, remember to not take longer breaks. You also need to keep a check on the frequency of the breaks.

Don’t forget to do assessments

It is possible that you have worked well whole day or not. Whatever was your full day’s achievements, it is important for you to do self-assessment. You must pat yourself for the task that you completed successfully. You should give a thought to how you can improve on incomplete tasks.

Moreover, it is must for you to find the mistakes you made in the task. Or why you could not attempt a task well. It will make you aware of where you did wrong. This awareness will be another key to success for you.

What relates positive thinking and success?

Positive attitude is always related to success. Positivity helps you in exploring huge possibilities. You feel motivated as well as confident about attempting a task successfully with positive thinking. These are the essentials of success. Hence, achieving success is easy if you believe in the power of positivity.

That sums up this article. Hope you found it useful. You can check other blogs on our site if these are helpful.

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